April 25, 2021

Vacsera pens two manufacturing deals with Sinovac

ArabFinance: Vacsera signed two joint manufacturing agreements with China’s Sinovac to locally produce the vaccine, according to the Cabinet’s statement on April 21st.

Under the deal, Sinovac will provide Vacsera with all technical information related to the jab.

It will also conduct chemical and mechanical quality control testing of finished products and lab equipment.

The Chinese company will also ensure maintenance of Vacsera’s manufacturing facilities.

Earlier, the Egyptian Drug Authority approved the emergency use of the Sinovac vaccine, which the country plans to manufacture 80 million doses of every year.

On the other hand, Vacsera could build additional manufacturing facilities if necessary under the newly signed agreements.

On April 8th, Pharco's BioGeneric Pharma and Eva Pharma, in collaboration with Vecsera, announced that they will manufacture China’s Sinovac vaccine.


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