08 Jan 2015

FAO notes mutations in H5N1 samples from Egypt's poultry

Amid a flurry of human H5N1 influenza cases in Egypt, scientists have found H5N1 viruses in Egyptian poultry that have two mutations that are usually associated with adaptation to mammals, a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) official reported today.


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06 Jan 2015

Second child dies in Egypt this year from H5N1 bird flu

A toddler in Egypt died Monday from H5N1 bird flu, marking the second death in the country from the virus in 2015.

Reuters noted that the local news outlet MENA said the 3-year-old victim was from Giza governorate, which is located outside the capital city of Cairo.


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03 Jan 2015

Turmoil in Egypt takes its toll on mental health

Like many of her fellow activists, Zeinab el-Mahdi had faced a difficult few years.

The young Egyptian dodged birdshot and tear gas during the January 2011 revolution that removed Hosni Mubarak from power, saw people killed in front of her during the violent years that followed and faced the threat of arrest and"......

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