30 Nov 2014

HSBC Group believes in long-term future of Egypt: Commercial banking head

HSBC Group believes in the long-term future of Egypt, said Mona El-Sayed, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Bank Egypt during her speech in the Invest in Egypt Conference on Thursday.


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29 Nov 2014

Abu Dhabi investments fuel banking recovery in Egypt

Investments by Abu Dhabi companies in Egypt are feeding a revival in the country’s corporate banking industry.

After years of sluggish growth in the sector, the outlook now is for aggressive growth, says the Middle East’s biggest investment bank.

“This is going to have an impact, not on the investment banking side, but the...

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26 Nov 2014

Egypt central bank seen keeping rates on hold amid nascent recovery

Egypt's central bank is expected to keep interest rates on hold on Thursday as inflationary pressure continues to ease and policymakers seek to avoid stifling a nascent economic recovery in the most populous"...

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26 Nov 2014

Egypt one of the HSBC Group’s 19 global priority markets

Mona El Sayed, Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC Bank Egypt, talks to the Daily News Egypt about the company’s plans and assessment of the Egyptian economy.

What is the HSBC’s vision for the Egyptian economy in the coming period?


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25 Nov 2014

Al Baraka Bank Egypt net income up 41pc

Al Baraka Bank Egypt, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG), announced its net income for the first nine months of the year increased by 41 per cent to $24 million.


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25 Nov 2014

Egypt sells $1.796 billion dollar-denominated T-bills

Egypt’s central bank said it sold $1.796 billion in one-year dollar-denominated treasury bills to local banks and foreign financial institutions on Monday, more than the bank had expected when it announced the auction.

The government has relied mainly on the local money market to finance its public deficit since a popular uprising in early 2011...

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22 Nov 2014

Central Banks Watch: Israel, Egypt, Hungary and Nigeria to Set Rates, BoJ to Release Minutes

In the week of Thanksgiving Day celebrations in Japan and the US and GDP data releases from a few G10 as well as emerging economies, the central banks in focus will be those of Israel, Egypt, Columbia, Hungary and Nigeria.


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16 Nov 2014

Ratings on Egypt affirmed at 'B-/B'; outlook stable

“The affirmation reflects our view that Egypt's political landscape has begun to stabilize following a fairly smooth electoral process and a subsequent improvement in the security situation, alongside the implementation of a series of economic reform measures. In addition, given Egypt's"...

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