30 Aug 2014

John Kerry Reassures Egypt Over Apache Helicopter Delivery

Secretary of State John Kerry told his Egyptian counterpart on Friday that the United States intends to make good on its promise to deliver 10 Apache helicopters to help Cairo's counterterrorism efforts.

Mr Kerry announced in June that he was "confident" Egypt would receive the helicopter gunships soon, and reiterated that in his phone call to Foreign...

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09 Aug 2014

Egypt to build LE80 billion Airport City

Egypt's aviation authorities are planning a LE80 billion airport city around Cairo International Airport that would serve as an investment zone, with LE422 billion in proceeds expected until 2040 according to feasibility studies. In a press conference on Thursday, Mahmoud Essmat, CEO of the Egyptian"...

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09 Aug 2014

US silently continues Apache shipments to Egypt

A senior US military official has confirmed to Middle East Eye that the US delivered a refurbished Apache helicopter to Egypt in April - though another 10 of the aircraft are being withheld for deliveries due to human rights concerns raised by Congress


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07 Aug 2014

British Airways improves website for customers with disabilities

British Airways (BA) has improved its website offering better services and greater assistance for clients with special needs.

The airline has based the improvements on “feedback from customers who told the airline they didn’t want to have to keep repeating their needs”.


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05 Aug 2014

Ministry of Civil Aviation raises aircraft self-service fees to airport developments: Ministry of Finance

The aircraft self-service fees have risen in order to be used to fund and support the development of civil aviation in Egypt, said a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance.


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05 Aug 2014

Western Global Airlines Takes Off

Western Global Airlines LLC (WGA), a low cost, high quality all-cargo carrier, announced today that it received final FAA certification and has been issued a Part 121 Air Operator Certificate. In addition, WGA has been certified by the U.S. DOT to be fit, willing, and able to engage in interstate"...

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03 Aug 2014

Saudi-Egypt air traffic grows 22% in July

Air traffic between Saudi Arabia and Egypt grew by 22 percent in July and poised to register higher levels in the next few months, local media said quoting an expert.

In remarks to Al-Eqtisadiah daily, CEO of Egypt Air Hasan Aziz ascribed air traffic grew because of the influx of thousands of Egyptians to Makkah to perform Umrah. Saudi nationals choosing...

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