13 Jul 2016

Hunter Ultrasonics Calls for a Greener Way to Clean Diesel Engine Filters

Regulations, ranging from the 2015 Paris Agreement’s wide ranging guidelines to mandates on nonroad vehicles, have all aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

But as Ken Hunter, Founder and CEO of Hunter"...

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10 Jul 2016

Egypt car imports increase 35% in first 10 months of 2015/16

Egypt's car imports increased by 35 percent in the first 10 months of fiscal year 2015/2016 according to the Egyptian customs authority, Ahram Arabic news website reported.

The value of the of cars imported from July 2015 to April 2016 reached EGP 35.8 billion compared to EGP 26.6"...

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29 Jun 2016

Leaders in the auto industry prepare for ‘Egypt Automotive’ summit

Business News, the organiser of the annual Egypt Automotive summit, held a preparatory meeting for its third automotive summit scheduled for December.

The meeting was attended by a number of key officials in the automotive"...

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