28 Jan 2015

Agreement signed converting 2,000 cars to run on natural gas

The Ministry of Petroleum signed Tuesday a contract with the Social Fund for Development (SFD) funding the fourth phase of a project converting cars to run on natural gas. The contract targets converting"...

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25 Jan 2015

Volvo to launch 2015 premium cars in Egypt

Volvo Car Group, a Swedish premium automobile manufacturer, has announced the launch of its all-new 2015 Volvo range in Egypt.

Ezz Elarab Automotive Group, the sole agent for Volvo Car Group in Egypt, said it was excited about the launch.


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20 Jan 2015

Aston Martin launches in Egypt

Ezz Elarab Automotive Group has launched Aston Martin, one of the most exclusive British luxury cars, in Egypt.

Ezz Elarab is the sole agent for Aston Martin in Egypt and the car will be available on order.


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07 Jan 2015

Road Safety Platform celebrates 1st Anniversary

  • Broad support from governmental entities, media and road traffic participants
  • 25 CSR-minded corporations joined the platform
  • 1st year objectives far exceeded
  • Spirited plans for 2015

A year ago, was launched as a holistic and open"...

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