Egypt limits air conditioning in mosques to save energy April 17, 2014

Government calls on 80,000 state-controlled mosques to limit air conditioning use to prayer times.

The ministry of religious endowments has called on mosques to refrain from using air conditioning, except at prayer times, before 15 May,...

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Egypt: IMF - Ready to Support Egypt April 17, 2014

Minister of Finance Hani Qadri said on Tuesday 15/4/2014 that the government works on rebuilding confidence in the Egyptian economy through the creation of institutional infrastructure that"...

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Egypt's market up as investor confidence returns: analysts April 17, 2014

Wednesday's trading session saw Egypt's main index reach 8080 points on listed stock turnover exceeding LE800 million.

Egypt’s main market index rose in Wednesday’s trading session as its biggest caps achieved gains and investor...

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Nile dam study fails to stem the tide of Egyptian indignation towards Ethiopia April 17, 2014

The opening sentence of Egypt's new constitution describes the country as the river Nile's gift to Egyptians. It is a grand claim, but one that helps explain Egypt's indignation at the ongoing construction"......

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