Russia, Egypt sign deal to build industrial zone in Suez Canal area May 24, 2018

Russia and Egypt on Wednesday signed a deal to create and maintain a Russian industrial zone in the region of the Suez Canal in Egypt, Russian media reported.


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Egypt says Dubai trader failed to deliver on contracted wheat shipments May 24, 2018

Dubai-based trader AOS, a leading supplier of wheat to Egypt, has failed to deliver two of its cargoes, Supply Minister Ali Moselhy told Reuters.


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Egypt’s Housing executing 8 water, sewage stations in Marsa Matrouh May 24, 2018

Egypt’s Housing Ministry says it is carrying out eight drinking water and sewage stations in Marsa Matrouh governorate, 524km (325.6 miles) west of Cairo, at a cost"...

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The poisoned air of Egypt’s education system May 24, 2018

People in Egypt are arguing over the dramatic change in the country’s education system, which will take effect in the next academic year.
Egyptians have been"...

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